Harsh International School

A Rare Union of Modern Education
Indian Tradition


21st Century Education

We prepare our students for their Future
We aims to be an efficient school targeting 21st century skills among all its students.
Our uniqueness is in our approach towards our students , teachers and school and overall school system.
  • HIS Our Priority are our students
  • HIS Fearless , motivating and caring environment
  • HIS High focus on developing English Language proficiency
  • HISPutting language in use –No translation method
  • HIS Participative and interactive methodology
  • HIS Encourage students to speak
  • HIS Highly trained teachers to mould students
  • HIS Burdenless environment; where every child is celebrates his education journey
  • HIS Life skills and Value education –Level specific special curriculum
  • HIS Computer information technology
  • HIS Communication skills
  • HIS Expression skills
  • HIS Smart work
  • HIS New age exposure to sports, Library , e-books , internet etc.