Harsh International School

A Rare Union of Modern Education
Indian Tradition


Director's Message

Shree Randhir Singh


"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." John Dewey

Education suffers because of the gap of the living experience of pupils and the system of values that it preaches. We are trying to fill this gap by weaving an education pattern that has yarns of our ancient traditional heritage and also the vibrant pattern of global hues.

I feel extremely pleased and proud to place Harsh International School, the first day boarding school in Jind. I feel thrilled to execute the innovative idea of providing global exposure to regional students. Now, no student will have to migrate to Delhi / other cities to get quality school education or competitive exam preparation. Our vision to make it as the competitive examination preparation hub and to attract the talent from all parts of India and abroad.

We want to establish our name for academic excellence and to take pride for one of the best schools known for academics and eventually for successful career. We have the dream to take the school to most preferred day cum boarding school and at any cost we will make our dream come true.