Harsh International School

A Rare Union of Modern Education
Indian Tradition


Pre School

Preparing for Formative years

Our preschool section meets the global preschool pedagogy in Indian milieu.

The curriculum is backwardly integrated with primary grade curriculum thus preparing the preschoolers thoroughly for grade 1. The entire preschool section is led by the headmistress focusing on overall development of the child. The emphasis is put on facilities and set up so that we can create an environment where learning is a stirring process of innovation, creativity, motivation and everlasting fun!
  • HISLanguage Skills
  • HIS Number Skills
  • HIS Letters & Sounds
  • HISReading Readiness
  • HIS Memory & Concentration
  • HIS Science- God’s World
  • HIS Five Acute Senses
  • HIS Physical Skills & Health
  • HIS Rhymes, Music & Movement
  • HIS Art-Craft & Creativity
  • HIS Rich Speaking Vocabulary
  • HIS Social Skills & Living Values
  • HIS Writing Skills
  • HIS Festival & Celebrations